About Hakan ARIK

Hello, I’m Hakan Arık. I was born in 1980 in Kayseri, Turkey. I completed my primary and secondary education in Kayseri, high school in Ankara, and my university education at Çukurova University.

After working as a computer teacher for 2 years, I developed internet software for high-traffic websites with a focus on performance. The goal was to ensure the continuous and fast operation of websites with millions of daily visitors by using redundant servers, load balancing, and server-side caching in case any of the servers went offline.

In 2006, I worked on projects involving IP over DVB, a DVB protocol, to transport live digital video over (fiber) cables in the form of IP over DVB transport stream packets. I also contributed to projects that facilitated the transmission of broadcasts from various local and national TV stations to Türksat’s Ankara Gölbaşı campus.

For a long time, I have been developing internet marketing strategies, web, desktop, and mobile software, and project management. I have managed and optimized the software for several well-known websites. Through the software I have developed for remarketing and performance advertising planning and management, I have conducted research on target audiences.

I have also created software for data mining to understand and interpret user behaviors. I have worked on semantic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) software based on semantics, supporting multiple languages including Turkish and English. The tools I developed for text analysis and interpretation are still used by SEO professionals.

I currently serve as a Product Expert (Top Contributor old name) on Google Webmaster Help Forums to assist webmasters.

As of February 2015, I have been working as the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at AdMatic Media Inc. In our journey to have the widest advertising network in Turkey, we provide performance and branding-focused rich media digital advertising services that support the latest technologies as a supply-side platform (SSP).

We currently handle billions of page views and ad impressions monthly, with a focus on personalized advertising. Our goal is to become the best SSP in Turkey, with 100% locally developed software.

I am proficient in programming languages such as Java, C++, and C#. In addition to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I have extensive experience with MS SQL, MySQL, and various NoSQL databases. System administration and load balancing are essential skills in my repertoire. I am passionate about keeping up with emerging technology and making contributions of my own.

I am married and have two children, a daughter and a son.